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At Tubro Carpet Cleaning, we are proud to have a Pacific Northwest carpet cleaning team that is Rotovac Certified and cares about customer service and satisfaction. We consider it an enormous privilege when you welcome us into your home or place of business, which is why we make every effort to wear protective footwear and use furniture protectors. We treat your things as if they were our own!

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A Pacific Northwest Carpet Cleaning Team Unlike Any Other

Aside from meeting the carpet cleaning needs of our residential and commercial clients, we also enjoy getting to know the men and women we serve. We thought it was only fair that you should get to know us too. When we are not cleaning carpets and saving the day with our emergency services, we can be found chasing after turkeys, dancing, enjoying romance films (Sleepless in Seattle, anyone?), rooting for the Seahawks, riding bikes, watching Scooby Doo re-runs, and considering re-launching our modeling careers.

Click on our individual profiles to learn more about our team. We look forward to meeting you and helping you protect and maintain your carpet's condition. Give us a call today!

    Rich Tietjen

    Has turkeys. Ya, real turkeys. Loves Audi cars, especially the Audi R8. Has four daughters to keep him sane. If a carpet needs cleaning, he's gonna get it clean.

    Javier Mendez

    Loves to dance (oh my!) Has the utmost integrity and honesty and is a really hard worker.

    Jonathan Mendoza

    Loves playing soccer in his spare time. Always looking to challenge himself to be better.

    Isaiah Keller

    Adores lovey dovey pitbulls. Bleeds green and blue for the Seahawks. Would give you the clothes off of his back.

    Ilya Staroverov

    Likes to work out at the gym. He is up for life’s challenges to improve his skills. Strives to be the best.

    Dmitriy Staroverov

    His mystery van is a BMW, his hair is a little better than Shaggy’s. Loves candy more than Scooby-Doo. Can analyze carpets like Velma, and drive’s and work’s by himself like Fred.

    Jonathan Barrett

    Spent two years “working” as a model. Now that he no longer gets paid to look good, he enjoys making your carpets look good.

    Dennis Le

    Likes riding bikes, and has done the Seattle to Portland ride. Says he will travel anywhere to clean a carpet, just not necessarily on a bicycle.

  • Check Out Our Angie’s List Ratings!

    Angie's List
  • Check Out Our Angie’s List Ratings!

    Angie's List
  • Check Out Our Angie’s List Ratings!

    Angie's List
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