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Recent Posts in Office Carpet Cleaning Category

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  • Why Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)

    Posted By Turbo Carpet Cleaning || 1-Nov-2016

    Steam Cleaning, Hot Water Extraction, and HWE are different ways to refer to the method of carpet cleaning Tubro uses. There are many different methods for cleaning carpet, like; encapsulation, bonnet, dry foam, shampooing, and of course hot water extraction. Why does Tubro Carpet Cleaning use the hot water extraction method versus others? Hot water extraction gets out soil from deep within the ...
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  • Get Your Floors Ready for the Holiday Season!

    Posted By Turbo Carpet Cleaning || 15-Dec-2015

    December holidays are right around the corner, and you know what that means. That’s right! Your family may be busy decorating the house and yards for expected guests, preparing delicious meals for various dinner celebrations, or enjoying each other’s company in the comfort of your own home. Whatever the case may be, you may want to consider taking advantage of our new December ...
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  • Tips to Get Stubborn Stains Out of Your Carpet

    Posted By Tubro Carpet Cleaning || 8-May-2015

    Spilled ink, red wine, oil, butter, juice, tomato stains, chocolate, pet stains—do these words strike fear in you as a carpet owner? They don’t have to be anymore once you learn some of the tricks of the trades like our team at Tubro Carpet Cleaning may use. While nothing can replace the feeling of a quality, professional deep clean, quickly spot treatment of stains can go a long way ...
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  • Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring Carpet Cleaning Services

    Posted By Tubro Carpet Cleaning || 23-Apr-2015

    Your carpet is an investment. It is part of the home that you work so hard to maintain, but often one of the most overlooked areas. You may not realize that carpets can cause a number of headaches that can affect your health, as well as your wallet. For example, getting a stain on your carpet is not like getting a stain on a piece of clothing. You can always replace the shirt or blouse with ...
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  • Carpet Cleaning for Pet Odors & Stains

    Posted By Tubro Carpet Cleaning || 13-Feb-2015

    If you are a proud pet parent, you know that your precious little critter can sometimes leave not so pretty little messes behind. This can be problematic especially if you have invested a lot of time, resources, and money on your carpet. Many homeowners are especially proud of showing off their homes, but may or may not pay much attention to the care of their carpets. Pet Odor 101 You may not ...
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  • 5 Ways a Clean Office Positively Affects Employees

    Posted By Tubro Carpet Cleaning || 9-Jan-2015

    At Tubro Carpet Cleaning, we know that a clean office improves the morale of your employees. When employees get to work in an environment that is clean and healthy, they are better able to be more productive. Read about these 5 ways that a clean office positively affects employees. Provides a Healthier Environment The more employees you have, the more likely you are to have employees who have ...
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  • Check Out Our Angie’s List Ratings!

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  • Check Out Our Angie’s List Ratings!

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