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The Most Common Causes of Carpet Odor

Posted By Tubro Carpet Cleaning || 1-Dec-2015

If you are smelling an unpleasant odor in your home, it is likely that it is coming from the carpet. There are many things that can cause carpets to smell malodorous. At Tubro Carpet Cleaning, we want you to know more about the most common causes of carpet odors.

Causes of Carpet Odor

Pet Urine

If you’ve ever owned a dog or a cat, you probably know that accidents happen—particularly if you have started from scratch and potty trained your pet at a young age. Pet urine is one of the hardest odors to get out of carpet. Even if you are diligent about immediately cleaning up after your pet, odor causing chemicals in urine may still remain in the carpet. If accidents go undetected, the urine can make its way into the carpet padding, leading to a more difficult problem to resolve.

Mildew and Mold

Another very difficult carpet odor to get rid of is mildew. Mildew develops on carpet when water stains or floods the carpeted area. Mildewed carpet smells sour, much like laundry that was left in the washer too long. To get the smell of mildew out of carpet, you will need a heavy-duty cleaning and drying service. High-heat steam cleaners are generally successful in getting the smell of mildew out of carpet.


Smoking indoors where there are carpeted areas will almost surely cause carpet to be malodorous. Cigarette smoke also seeps into draperies, walls, and furniture and can be difficult to remove. There are many do-it-yourself techniques online that claim to rid the carpet of cigarette smoke odor; however, it is likely that you will need a professional carpet cleaning to completely rid your home of the smell.


Spills onto carpet happen and often don’t cause any residual smells. In some cases, accidental spills of liquids like milk, wine, beer, and motor oil can be pesky to remove. If initial attempts to clean spills prove to be ineffective, the carpets may need a good steam cleaning. Steam cleaning should lift the liquid out of the carpet and get rid of the smell. As with other odor causing liquids, if the carpet padding has been saturated, the smell may more difficult to remove.

Call in the Professionals

What Can Professional Carpet Cleaners Do For You?

Professional carpet cleaners in Seattle, WA can remove odors and allergens from your carpet by using cleansing solutions and high-heat steam cleaners to lift odors and stains. First, carpets are vacuumed to remove any debris on the surface. Following this, they are shampooed with a buffer machine that gently loosens stains and washes the carpet. Lastly, hot water extractors are used to lift and flush all debris, odors, and allergens from the carpets, leaving you with fresher, cleaner air to breathe at home.

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